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Cable TV and High Speed Internet Are The Perfect Bundle

June 9th, 2016

You want to provide your family with the best Internet connectivity and high speeds available. But, you also want to give your family access to dozens of TV channels from a cable company, too. Which do you choose? Luckily for you, cable and Internet service providers have gotten wise to the wants of their customers and are now providing both services in bundled packages. This means that you can have both high speed Internet and cable television  all at lower and more affordable prices, and without having to pick one or the other.

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When you bundle services together, companies are more inclined to offer you a discount of the services provided. As the customer, that means that you typically get to enjoy better services at prices cheaper than if you had bought the services separately. Naturally, this makes you want to bundle more services and more often. Of course, it’s important that you get exactly the services and features you want, without overpaying for those services. So how do you decide on which bundle packages to pick?


Needs of the Family Internet

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Before deciding which package to purchase  you must understand the wants and needs of your family. Does your family want the fastest speeds available, and a few premium channels? Does your family frequently stream videos and music from online services, and rarely use the television to watch their favorite shows? Are you out of the house during the time those favorite shows come on and you need Digital Video Recorder (DVR) services? All of these questions are important to ask and because the answers will help you better understand the cable and broadband Internet needs of your family. With that knowledge equipped, you’re more informed, allowing you to pick exactly the bundle package that will suit your family’s needs.


Because every bundled package offers varying degrees of Internet speeds and cable television channels, knowing what you want helps to limit the amount of time agonizing over the different options. This saves you valuable time and allows you to cut straight to the chase: getting the Internet and cable your family wants. You’d be surprised at how good it feels to know what you want and have the ease to get it without any additional hassle.



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In addition to knowing the right cable and Internet needs your family needs, also consider how accessibly these services are to you on a personal level, but also on a commercial level. From a personal perspective, choosing a cable company might mean the installation of additional equipment. Do you have enough space for those installations? If you’re renting, are you able to drill holes and such to get wires into and out of your home? But also consider how easily you’ll be able to get or lose cable and Internet connection. Understanding the blankets of coverage your Internet and cable provider company has will save you frustrated calls to customer service when you try to figure out why you can’t connect to your social media site, or get a channel without static. After all, knowledge is power.

Home Entertainment Comparison

May 22nd, 2015


Costs (each month): Starts at $7.99

Option: Wide collection of movies and TV shows

Netflix is a very affordable option and it cost less than $8 per month. Netflix also holds a wide variety of movies, however, most of them are older ones. Those that make use of Netflix can expect some TV shows as well, along with a few series that you might have never heard of before. Recently, Netflix has been improving their collection in new TV shows and also new movies. Furthermore, they also produced a couple of their own series.

Amazon Instant Video

Options: Old and new Movies and TV showsCosts (each month): A $99/annually Prime Membership fee is required

The disadvantage of  Amazon Instant Video is the fact that it involves a yearly Prime Membership fee of $99. In addition to that, all movies are not free to watch and certain movies require a fee of $2.99. The advantages of Amazon Instant Video are that when you subscribe to the Prime Membership, you get 2 days, free shipping on practically every purchase from Amazon. Something to look forward to would be their wide selection of movies and TV shows, with new titles being added on a daily basis. Just like Netflix, Amazon has also released a few of their own series and is only available through Amazon Instant Video.



Cost (each month): $7.99

Options: Fantastic collection of latest movies and shows

Hulu offers a wide selection of the latest movies as well as TV shows and they update their library on a daily basis. The only disadvantage of Hulu is the fact that you have to watch the movies as soon as possible. The reason for this is the fact that they remove older episodes to make room for the new ones. Hulu also includes something for every member of the family, even the little ones. And if you enjoy reality shows than Hulu is a great option for you.


Cost (each month): $49 to $99 (once-off)

Options: Forever is increasing with variety

Roku is not a site or service like the above mentioned sites for smart TV. Roku is actually a device that you purchase. You have the option to choose from, Roku TV, a streaming stick or Roku box. The good news is after you have purchased the device you won’t have to pay any monthly fees to have access to all favorite channels. The disadvantage about Roku is the fact that some channels do require subscriptions, however they are not expensive. Because Roku only requires a once-off fee and continually increase their variety, they are becoming increasingly popular.

Cost (each month): $20Sling TV

Options: Standard package has an excellent collection and add-ons are obtainable

Sling TV can be enjoyed on your TV, smartphone or tablet whenever you want. For the reason that Sling TV is quite affordable, it is now increasing in popularity. And what is great about Sling Tv is that it does not require any installation or setup fee. The standard $20/month package offers you several channels that can be enjoyed by all members of the family, including TNT, Disney Channel and ESPN and much more. In addition, they offer add- on packages such as Travel and Kids, which allows you to choose only the channels that you are interested in.


PlayStation Vue

Costs (each month): $50

Options: Good range

PlayStation Vue is usually compared to Sling TV since neither involve contracts and each make use of the internet to stream shows, however, with a  $30 increase in the price. In addition, you won’t have to worry about additional USB sticks or boxes, since all of this is done through the PlayStation. That additional $30 per month also provides you with a couple of other features. Obviously, PlayStation Vue was only introduced to residents in Chicago, NYC and  Philadelphia and thus you will have to own a PS3 or PS 4 to use it. In case you are one of the people that fits this criteria, it’s possible to test PlayStation Vue for free, making use of their trial.

Satellite TV and Traditional cable are dying, and the industry is aware of it. With just about every household now having access to the internet, it is only practical that competitors are attempting to move their concentration onto digital streaming, however satellite TV and cable TV still has plenty of advantages and still hold a huge percentage of the industry. Why? With traditional TV, you will always have something to watch and you can look forward to a new TV show or the news. Upon choosing the ideal package to suit your specific needs, you will get value for your money, since nothing compared to the hundreds (and even thousands) of live channels that will always be playing movies and TV shows.

Cable TV

Costs (each month): Varies (usually higher in price than satellite)

Options: Large

Stuggling to choose between satellite TV and cable? Both are excellent choices in terms of movies and TV shows, however, for those bad weather conditions, cable will be able to endure it and in addition they offer a trusted service. Furthermore, Cable TV is restricted in its service area, since there has to be a Cable TV firm in your area that will be able to connect the cable to your home in order to get service. Unfortunately, this means that rural areas are unable to make use of cable TV. However, cable TV is far better for apartment renters and those who don’t want the responsibility of long-term contracts.

Satellite TV

Costs (each month): Varies

Options: Large

Satellite TV is usually less expensive than cable, but tends to be cut off by bad climatic conditions. Satellite TV can even be installed almost anywhere it is possible to set up a dish and you will get service. Satellite TV usually leads to a long-term contract, however, which is often challenging to get out of in case you move or are no longer interested in the service.


All these are excellent choices to consider, you actually only have to take into consideration your situation and budget. If you’re among those people who search through their existing live TV collection and believes “there’s nothing on,” choosing an on-demand service such as Hulu, Amazon or Netflix is an excellent choice. If monthly fees aren’t an option for you, Roku is an excellent choice and features a multitude of channels to select from, despite the fact that some require a fee. If you like the idea of live TV and the fact that you can choose the channels you like, and then Sling TV is an excellent option. If you are a citizen of any of the areas where PlayStation Vue can be obtained, make sure you give the trial a try and see how you feel. Lastly, if you love the fact that there is always something to watch on TV, a new movie or TV show, opt for the traditional alternatives of cable or satellite.

Star Trek Episodes

August 12th, 2013

Star Trek Episodes

Star Trek Episodes
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