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Family Guy Breaks a Branch Off the Family Tree

December 18th, 2013

Family Guy fans everywhere were shocked at the latest episode, as it seems the unthinkable has happened. Brain Griffin, the family’s beloved, cynical talking pet dog, has died. Yes, actually died.

It’s an interesting approach, but it’s not a new one in television. The series is getting older and sometimes a new storyline needs to be truly exciting. One of the staple ways to add excitement to television writing is to simply kill off a character. It creates instant suspense, drama, and audience reaction. It is important to note, though, that such a reaction isn’t always good for the ratings.


Did it work for Family Guy? Here’s the rub- all signs point to Brian returning relatively soon.

In terms of how it all went down, the episode was rather bland. Brian’s death certainly shouldn’t be downplayed, as he is a major character, but it seemed so simple. He runs into the street and gets hit by a car. This is much less intense than previous episodes where Brian walked the fine line of life and death, including an episode where he was going to sacrifice himself during surgery to save Peter’s life. The family sees his injury play out and takes Brian to the vet, where he passes on after a very sweet speech thanking the family for giving him such a great life.

The family then gets a replacement dog, Vinny. Vinny is voiced by Tony Sirico from The Sopranos, adding a new personality to the show. Will fans enjoy this character swap? Only time will tell, though the producers have remarked that they are confident he will become a new favorite in due time.
But is Brian really gone? As stated previously, it appears he will be making a marvelous re-entry into the show somehow. The most obvious signs involve a look at the descriptions of upcoming shows. Many feature Brian as a character, and an upcoming Christmas special alludes to Stewie’s ‘one true wish’. This could easily be interpreted as him bringing Brian back somehow. Even without looking ahead at future episodes, it is very believable that he would return. Brian adds a very different dynamic to the family, and it’s hard to say the show would be almost the same without Brian. The character is loved as much as he is hated by fans, so posted reactions have been mixed. Some say it ruins the show, and others are welcoming a Quahog without Brian in the mix.

family-guy-great-outdoorsAlongside these clues of future shows featuring Brian, Tony Sirico has signed off to do several episodes, so it will be interesting to see how things play out. Two dogs? Another epic battle over who will be the true family pet? Fans may be feeling some deja vu if they remember the other episode where the family got a second dog. That didn’t go so well, and it’s hard to imagine this scenario would play out any better.

In any case, Family Guy remains a strong contender in the television world. Brian’s death is most likely an elaborate plot twist designed to give Tony Sirico a slot on the show, and it should lead to some exciting happenings for one of our favorite TV families. Just sign up at to keep up to date with all the latest episodes.

Family Guy Quagmire

November 7th, 2013

quagmireI remember my mother throwing her arms up over Family Guy when I lived at home, afraid my little brother would catch some of the adult themes. I don’t think Family Guy is too obscene for the most part, and find it enjoyable as an adult who is a little more than enamored with animation. I can admit it has some questionable moments. Alas, something about Peter Griffin and his family just keeps us tuning in each in week, even though he has thoroughly proven himself an idiot.


A recent episode took the focus off Peter’s family for a rare glimpse of Glen Quagmire and his new relationship (yes, the ‘r’ word). Long-time fans of the show will remember when Glen took Joan for a wife, creating a (short-lived) bout of holy matrimony. Those same fans will also remember how Joan was a raging psychopath and committed suicide to save Quagmire when their ruse to fake his death goes awry. This episode cemented the fact that Quagmire will never change his ways, and that relationships and commitment aren’t for him.


Or, were we wrong?


Quagmire takes his computer in for service, and meets Sonja, an equally-perverse female version of himself- or so it seems. Things heat up quickly (just as they did with Joan) and he even mentions changing his relationship status on Facebook. Woah. Could this be a new beginning for our Quagmire?


It seems he isn’t lucky in this department. Sonja’s perversions hold a dangerous ‘kink’, and she becomes physically abusive toward Quagmire. Eventually, she kidnaps him and holds him hostage in a storage unit. Joe and Peter find him and Sonja arrives for a showdown between herself and Joe. Joe tricks her with an unloaded gun and secures the arrest. Seems like true love just isn’t in the cards for Quagmire.


The episode was also rife with perverse humor (an especially disturbing-for lack of a better word- sexual scene with Quagmire’s transgender father sticks in the mind), but some may find it a bit hard to swallow. Things with Sonja get quite ‘intense’ and the viewer has to assume quickly that Sonja is ‘unhinged’ for things to drive on. Why is it her behavior is seen as psychotic, when Quagmire has been depicted doing virtually all of these things throughout the series? The ‘overly-attached psycho girlfriend’ bit feels a little stale, especially since a similar episode exists already. Redeeming little gems like Quagmire and Peter agreeing to not get presents for Joe’s birthday play out in the end when Peter presents a present following Sonja’s arrest. It’s a mixed bag for this plot.


A sub-plot where Stewie finds an old teddy bear, Oscar, was great. Brian’s sarcastic comments toward Stewie’s relationships with the teddies made it true gold. In fact, the plot between Stewie and his teddies felt a bit like the real highlight of the episode. After all, we have seen a similar plot with Quagmire before, and something about Stewie’s adult relationship with his bear Rupert tugs on the heart unlike anything else. One couldn’t help but feel for Oscar and he hung lifeless from a noose beside a giant painting of Stewie.



Other skits were peppered in, as usual, and made for a  great episode. Hopefully, Quagmire will meet a woman he can REALLY stay with down the line. Would be interesting, to say the least. Check right here for other great entertainment options that you might like.

Time Warner Cable Package Deals Rock

August 14th, 2013

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Charter Communications Deals Just Keep Getting Better

August 14th, 2013


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Comcast XFINITY Packages Will Change Your Life

August 13th, 2013

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Star Trek Episodes

August 12th, 2013

Star Trek Episodes

Star Trek Episodes
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