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Don’t Buy DISH Network Until You Read This!

August 28th, 2016

If you are thinking of getting a new TV connection, then you should have a look at what DISH Network has to offer in your area. DISH has a lot of interesting offers for its users. All the plans offered by DISH have a lot of options for its users. There are ample channels in each and every pack that will appeal to a variety of viewers. These plans are designed for everyone, from individuals to families, so that everyone has something to watch.


There are popular entertainment channels, movie channels, sports channels, news channels, and so many other niche channels. Every member of your family can pick the entertainment of their choice. The extensive entertainment that is part of the DISH Network Satellite TV deal is equally matched by the great prices at which it is available. So, DISH Network plans bring out the best value right to your television set.


When you get a DISH satellite connection, you are welcoming a world of entertainment. Each of the packages from DISH is designed to offer you the best in entertainment. Many plans offered by the competitors offer hundreds of channels. But, most of these channels are just fillers that offer substandard entertainment. Such channels are included in the plans to simply increase the channel count and make the plan attractive to the buyer.


Make a wise decision, and get DISH. This service offers you only quality entertainment that you can enjoy with your family. The kids’ programming on DISH will help you spend some quality time with your kids, while many sports channels will fill your evenings with excitement. Not only can you watch national and international sporting events, but you can also cheer your local college team in a match with DISH Satellite TV connection.


Do not forget the many movie channels that are at your disposal as well that can make each Friday night a special family get-together for you. There is so much happening in the world. Do not miss even a single important event with the numerous news channels that are a part of your DISH pack. Let’s not forget the weather channels that will keep you updated on the local weather, so that you can ensure the safety and health of your family.


No matter how hectic your day was or what mood you are in, you will always find something entertaining on television, when you subscribe to a DISH connection. There are so many channels in the DISH lineup that you are never going to be bored, once you are home. Why only your home? You can enjoy all the benefits of a DISH connection on your mobile with the DISH Anywhere technology.


All you need is a smart device and an Internet connection for streaming. No matter whether you are in the middle of a long commute or waiting for someone in a restaurant, you can catch up on your favorite show right there, right then.


DISH takes care of your entertainment all day long. So, even if you do not have an internet connection, you can save all your movies and TV shows on the Hopper. This piece of equipment is undoubtedly one of the best DVRs to hit the market ever. You can save 2 TB data with this DVR.


You and your family can then watch the saved content on as many as 6 different devices simultaneously. You can also download the stored DVR content to your phone or tablet for viewing later. This is a great way to circumvent the boring and limited options available on a plane or whenever you do not have access to an active internet connection.


Here are all the plans that you can subscribe to, once you decide to switch to DISH TV:

1. America’s Top 120

This is the cheapest of all the packages available with DISH. It brings to you a little over 100 channels. These 100 channels offer a lot of quality entertainment to the viewers. Sports lovers can get ESPN with this pack. This is enough to cover the major games in a season, when you do not wish to opt for a higher package with an extensive lineup of sports channels.

There are a lot of entertainment channels on offer like E!, Disney, and more. This pack helps you keep track of the global events with access to news networks like CNN. This is a good pack for all the basic entertainment needs. You also get access to Hopper with this pack as well as a lot of HD programming for free.


2. America’s 120 Plus

This is an upgrade on America’s 120, where you get all the perks of the previous pack, and then some more. This track brings you extensive sports programming. This is essentially a sports lover’s basic pack. There pack includes Fuel TV, FXX, and more. You also get access to many premium channels for some time with this pack. This pack is primarily designed for sports lovers, as it is loaded with sports channels.


3. America’s Top 200

America’s Top 200 offers the best 200 channels you can get for entertainment. You get all the channels that form a part of the lower packages and some more premium programming with this pack.

There is a lot of regional sports programming offered in this pack, along with more kids’ channels and movie channels. Fox Sports 2 also forms a part of this package as does the HD-DVR.


4. America’s Top 250 Plus

With a little over 250 channels, this is a plan that will get you many sports channels, even more kids’ programming, and a lot of entertainment. There are many lifestyle channels that have been included in this pack.

There is the Cooking Channel, and many other niche channels catering to very specific interests. The premium DVR services are free with this pack, and you also get a lot of premium channels for many months.


5. America’s Everything Pack

This name of the plan in itself is a tall claim. It says that it contains everything you will ever need in entertainment, and it delivers on the promise. With as many as 330 channels on offer, there is nothing that you will not find in this pack.

You get Sports, movies, music, kids’ channels, cooking channels, travel channels, and more. If there is a channel worth watching, you can find it in this plan. All your entertainment with DISH are sorted with this pack.



It may appear like a war of the titans when you compare DISH and DIRECTV. But, when you get into the details, the choice between DISH or DIRECTV is not that difficult to make. For once, the plans offered by DISH are way cheaper than what DIRECTV has to offer. So, you save and a lot of it.


Then, there is the HD-DVR Hopper from DISH, which has set a gold standard in this industry. This is a product that has no competition, from any TV service provider, for that matter. Hopper is a DISH TV exclusive. The third and the final strike on DIRECTV comes from the customer service front. DISH has proved time and again that it is simply the best when it comes to serving its customers.


It takes pride in its round the clock customer service, which is polite, prompt, and knowledgeable. So, when it comes to choosing a responsive and reliable service provider there is a clear winner – DISH.


DISH Network is the logical choice whether you want more television options or a more budget-friendly service.

Things you didn’t Know About Scorched

March 30th, 2015



Scorched is an Australian movie that originally premiered on the Nine Network in August 2008. The movie was directed by Tony Tilse. Originally, the film was entitled Strike Team, a decoy name to assuage the concerns of the Australian government, which was uncomfortable with the premise and implications of the film.

Just before Christmas, Sydney Australia finds itself in the midst of a water crisis. The government enacts draconian law to try mitigating the use of the water, hoping to stretch its use for as long as possible. It’s been days since it rained, nearly a year, and the state of affairs is looking grim. To make matters worse, bush fires have encircled the city.

The story focuses on the events the follow Sydney’s inevitable descent into chaos, as fire and a lack of rain force the denizens into a panic. Focusing on the near-future possibility of water scarcity due to the rising global temperatures, Scorched paints a pretty vivid picture on how our lack of renewable methods of living can adversely affect our way of living.

scorched-sheliaScorched presents itself not merely as a telemovie, but as an evolutionary new approach to television as a whole. Complete with a prelude and an online presence, Scorched did more than simply show trailers on television. The entire marketing department was aimed at not only raising awareness for the movie and the actors involved, but also for the message that the film was desperately trying to get across to its viewers. The message was clear: If humanity doesn’t come to terms with the very real reality of global warming, life as we know it will never be the same.

The film acts to challenge our motives as human beings, and bring into focus the devastation of our generations of selfish, thoughtless actions. For years, we built monuments of stone and glass, drank up our resources and polluted the skies with little regard to future generations, let alone the earth itself. Scorch aims to change that selfish way of thing. It stands as a masterpiece in this delivery, bringing to light the jarring ramifications of human behavior and the consequences of us living in non-sustainable means. This disaster-telemovie is a reminder of our actions as a whole, and the necessary actions we must take in order to prevent an unlivable world for generations to contend with in the future.

scorched-shelia-hiccup-cureScorched acts as a reflection, or perhaps even a crystal ball, looking at the possible outcome of humanity’s continued ignorance where global warming and climate change are concerned. Politicians and lobbyists may pretend such things don’t exist. Certain states may even frown upon teachers who hope to educate their students on this reality. However, Scorched delivered this message very clearly to its audiences with vivid imagery and multiple overlapping stories of those caught in the downfall of our failed ability to take initiative and do right by ourselves and the earth. To continue on this unsustainable way of living, the world may very well face a fate similar to the fictional version of Sydney Australia. Click right here to find awesome home entertainment opportunities.

Why South Park’s “Lorde” Parody Hit All the Right Notes

December 23rd, 2014


One of the most memorable gags from the recent season of South Park was an episodes-long running joke about the hit teenage singer, Lorde. The joke involved Randy Marsh, the father of Stan Marsh; Randy is well known in the show for his many shenanigans but few fans could have predicted this particular comedic twist. In an episode that poked fun and explored the concept of various “identities,” include gender identity, it was revealed that Randy Marsh was, in fact, Lorde—a female teenage persona he created to express himself. The joke became a running gag when it was continued in further episodes and it has been ‘meme-ed,’ quoted and paraded around the internet as one of the best jokes in the season. But why did the “Lorde” parody work so well? Let’s look at three reasons it hit all of the right notes.

south-park-community-center It “fits” Lorde’s persona

Lorde’s persona is mysterious. The teenager doesn’t like to do interviews or a lot of press, and she prefers to keep her private life just that—private. This means that there is a lot that fans and the world doesn’t know about Lorde. The idea that behind the mysterious public appearances and behind the studio recordings there was a middle aged man in a wig is silly—but it works because of Lorde’s private persona.

It’s actually somewhat relatable

Even though the gag was played for laughs, it was still relatable in the sense that many people express themselves in ways that might be unusual—even if they aren’t always as extreme as a middle aged man pretending to be a hit teenage female singer. The joke also came at a time when talks about gender identity, sexual identity and other identities related to people who feel that they don’t fit social norms is at an all-time high. This isn’t the first time that South Park has touched on the idea of people feeling that they have different identities—but it would be the first time that it wasn’t portrayed as being a laughingstock.

Lorde appreciated the humor


Lorde herself revealed that she not only watched the episode that first parodied her, but she found it funny! The singer even went so far as to “sing” the parody lyrics from the show, which was essentially warbling noises accompanied by Randy Marsh singing: “Lorde, Lorde, I am Lorde.” Keep up with Lorde, South Park, and Azaleia Banks on here.