Consumer’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Internet Connection

June 16th, 2017


Remaining in constant touch is more of a need today. In most part, this need has been taken care of by the internet. In fact an internet connection is as much essential to a home as a phone connection today. In addition to communication, an internet connection has also become the primary source of entertainment and news for many users.

Therefore, it is important to find an internet service provider who delivers high speed, is reliable, and offers wallet-friendly plans. Follow these tips during your search for a suitable internet provider that is the best match for your needs.

Check Reviews

The market is replete with internet service providers (ISPs) from national telecoms to local players. However, the service quality of even the big players differs from area to area. That is why it is important for you to check out the reputation of the ISPs operating in your area. Online reviews are the easiest to find. But, don’t stop there.

Reach out to your neighbors, colleagues, relatives, or friends in your area who are presently with an ISP. They are the best people to tell you about their experiences with their ISP. Ask them questions like how good are their plans, how soon do they tend to technical problems, how responsive are they, do they have 24/7 customer support, etc. The more you know about them, the better.

Understand the Pricing

Pricing is a crucial factor when you choose an internet connection. ISPs can be unforthcoming and even shadowy when it comes to prices. You sign up to an internet connection, only to realize that it has a number of hidden charges. Moreover, ISPs tend to force subscribers into multi-year contracts, wherein they offer low prices during the first year.

The second year, and you realize that the prices have shot through the roof, but you cannot leave the ISP because of the contract. If you do not want that to happen, inquire with the ISP about their prices in as much detail as possible. In fact, go ahead and find out the prices that the current subscribers are paying. That should give you an idea of what to expect.

Higher Speed is Better, Obviously!

It is frustrating to sit in front of a computer and wait for a page to load. Even with decent internet speeds, your browsing speed can be severely stifled if you are downloading something simultaneously. That is why it is important that you get a high speed internet connection. Your internet connection’s speed should be in line with your internet consumption.

If you are a heavy user then go for speeds higher than 25Mbps. More members in the family mean even higher speed. Once you have finalized the speed you need for your home internet connection, use your zip code to find the various ISPs that offer high speed internet in your area.


Data Caps

High speed alone may not be enough for your needs. You don’t want your plan to limit your internet usage. Many ISPs offer supposedly unlimited plans, which come with high speeds until you hit the monthly usage limit. Thereafter, your bandwidth is reduced significantly, turning your high speed connection into a low speed connection.

If your entire family’s collective internet usage is not high, then this doesn’t affect you. But, if your family’s internet usage is high, then you should find an ISP that offers truly unlimited plans with no data caps, whatsoever.

Bundling is Almost a Must

It is typical for most ISPs to offer highly discounted bundles to their subscribers. They bundle internet services with telephone and TV services to create combo packs. These bundles are usually heavily discounted and cost only a fraction of what you would have spent on the individual services.

But, it is paramount that you thoroughly understand your bundles before you pick them. Get them to clarify the different aspects of their bundles if you have any doubts. If they are not responsive to your queries, then they are best avoided.

Security and Privacy

The importance of online security and privacy cannot be overemphasized. The internet is home to every type of malware, hacker, Trojan, and other malicious agents. They can attack your home devices, take control of them, steal sensitive information, or even lock them all. Not to mention the identity thieves who are always on the hunt to steal your identity.

To keep your devices, your identity, and your sensitive information safe, you need good anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-theft software. While it is true that many ISPs do offer such softwares, not all of them offer the same grade of security. So, go for an ISP that offers security tools that are known to be effective.


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