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Why South Park’s “Lorde” Parody Hit All the Right Notes

December 23rd, 2014


One of the most memorable gags from the recent season of South Park was an episodes-long running joke about the hit teenage singer, Lorde. The joke involved Randy Marsh, the father of Stan Marsh; Randy is well known in the show for his many shenanigans but few fans could have predicted this particular comedic twist. In an episode that poked fun and explored the concept of various “identities,” include gender identity, it was revealed that Randy Marsh was, in fact, Lorde—a female teenage persona he created to express himself. The joke became a running gag when it was continued in further episodes and it has been ‘meme-ed,’ quoted and paraded around the internet as one of the best jokes in the season. But why did the “Lorde” parody work so well? Let’s look at three reasons it hit all of the right notes.

south-park-community-center It “fits” Lorde’s persona

Lorde’s persona is mysterious. The teenager doesn’t like to do interviews or a lot of press, and she prefers to keep her private life just that—private. This means that there is a lot that fans and the world doesn’t know about Lorde. The idea that behind the mysterious public appearances and behind the studio recordings there was a middle aged man in a wig is silly—but it works because of Lorde’s private persona.

It’s actually somewhat relatable

Even though the gag was played for laughs, it was still relatable in the sense that many people express themselves in ways that might be unusual—even if they aren’t always as extreme as a middle aged man pretending to be a hit teenage female singer. The joke also came at a time when talks about gender identity, sexual identity and other identities related to people who feel that they don’t fit social norms is at an all-time high. This isn’t the first time that South Park has touched on the idea of people feeling that they have different identities—but it would be the first time that it wasn’t portrayed as being a laughingstock.

Lorde appreciated the humor


Lorde herself revealed that she not only watched the episode that first parodied her, but she found it funny! The singer even went so far as to “sing” the parody lyrics from the show, which was essentially warbling noises accompanied by Randy Marsh singing: “Lorde, Lorde, I am Lorde.” Keep up with Lorde, South Park, and Azaleia Banks on here.