Things you didn’t Know About Scorched

March 30th, 2015



Scorched is an Australian movie that originally premiered on the Nine Network in August 2008. The movie was directed by Tony Tilse. Originally, the film was entitled Strike Team, a decoy name to assuage the concerns of the Australian government, which was uncomfortable with the premise and implications of the film.

Just before Christmas, Sydney Australia finds itself in the midst of a water crisis. The government enacts draconian law to try mitigating the use of the water, hoping to stretch its use for as long as possible. It’s been days since it rained, nearly a year, and the state of affairs is looking grim. To make matters worse, bush fires have encircled the city.

The story focuses on the events the follow Sydney’s inevitable descent into chaos, as fire and a lack of rain force the denizens into a panic. Focusing on the near-future possibility of water scarcity due to the rising global temperatures, Scorched paints a pretty vivid picture on how our lack of renewable methods of living can adversely affect our way of living.

scorched-sheliaScorched presents itself not merely as a telemovie, but as an evolutionary new approach to television as a whole. Complete with a prelude and an online presence, Scorched did more than simply show trailers on television. The entire marketing department was aimed at not only raising awareness for the movie and the actors involved, but also for the message that the film was desperately trying to get across to its viewers. The message was clear: If humanity doesn’t come to terms with the very real reality of global warming, life as we know it will never be the same.

The film acts to challenge our motives as human beings, and bring into focus the devastation of our generations of selfish, thoughtless actions. For years, we built monuments of stone and glass, drank up our resources and polluted the skies with little regard to future generations, let alone the earth itself. Scorch aims to change that selfish way of thing. It stands as a masterpiece in this delivery, bringing to light the jarring ramifications of human behavior and the consequences of us living in non-sustainable means. This disaster-telemovie is a reminder of our actions as a whole, and the necessary actions we must take in order to prevent an unlivable world for generations to contend with in the future.

scorched-shelia-hiccup-cureScorched acts as a reflection, or perhaps even a crystal ball, looking at the possible outcome of humanity’s continued ignorance where global warming and climate change are concerned. Politicians and lobbyists may pretend such things don’t exist. Certain states may even frown upon teachers who hope to educate their students on this reality. However, Scorched delivered this message very clearly to its audiences with vivid imagery and multiple overlapping stories of those caught in the downfall of our failed ability to take initiative and do right by ourselves and the earth. To continue on this unsustainable way of living, the world may very well face a fate similar to the fictional version of Sydney Australia. Click right here to find awesome home entertainment opportunities.

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